Oshkosh AirVenture 2018 was a success!

The kiosks were working really well and we captured about 100 leads already. One of the problems was how to get power to the kiosk to make it run all day. The chargers we were using were simply not up to the task of keeping the units charged with the screen on. We had to go into town and purchase the most powerful charger/power supply by Apple so this was solved.

The magazines received a great feedback. The strategy was to keep 10 copies in your hands and pass them out to anyone going past which looks remotely like a pilot or somebody that would be interested in aviation.

The booth was good and was well attended by dealers and Pipistrel people throughout the day. We made sure that when anybody went away from the booth, they let the rest of the team know, so we could make sure the booth was manned all of the time. It was clean and uncluttered. There were problems with Internet, which is something that is always a real issue for all of the vendors. Our distributor Michael had to go and and purchase another portable hotspot with Verizon, which apparently has the best coverage at the event to enable Internet access for the kiosks which worked in real-time. Otherwise the information packs wouldn’t get emailed out until we got proper Internet again.

The simulator was all set up and operating properly. We continued to push it as a tool for flying schools which have Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft and Pipistrel ALPHA Electro aircraft. It is a real learning tool and must complement a busy flight training program. Thank you to the people who put their time into the simulator through the days.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday there were flights of the electric aircraft. We had to prepare the aircraft to make sure they were ready and perfect to fly, charge them well and prepare everything that needed to be prepared.
Initially we had to operate from the ultralight strip away from the millions of people, and later we could put it into use on the main flightline. Later in the week around Thursday or Friday we could be flying a US senator in the aircraft so this was very high profile and everything had to work perfectly. This senator is in aviation buff and has a lot of sway in Washington and with the FAA so we had to make sure that this relationship is cultured into becoming a support person for Pipistrel.

Press coverage.
We received a lot of good press in the Internet and magazines. A lot of dealers didn’t know but a lot of media releases are going out every day with information about Pipistrel to more than 400 attending media organisations. This is good publicity and the press releases continue to go out every day. When media representatives came to our stand, we even had a special USB key with information kits for them.

The booth opening time was already before 8 AM. This was a bit of a challenge because everything needed to be out, we needed to be ready to greet visitors by 8 AM with our magazine hand-out. This was difficult especially on the first day with all the traffic, but we managed to do it and we were all there on time. Brad was the booth coordinator and took great care of positioning signage, putting up the flags, using the squeegee on the aircraft to drive them off etc.

So Oshkosh was a success and we are all looking forward to meeting you there next year!

Your Pipistrel team.