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The Swiss go swiiiishhhhh!

The Velis Electro fleet in Switzerland logged together the 1000th flight hour
electric aircraft maintenance course1

Technical training for maintenance of Velis Electro for certified aircraft mechanics / Tečaj za vzdrževanje Velisa Electro za licencirane letalske mehanike

In February 2022, Pipistrel will organize an individual course - technical training for certified aircraft mechanics with a Part-66 license, on maintainance and repair of the only fully certified electric aircraft in the world - our Velis Electro.

Airflow and Pipistrel Partner on All-Electric Propulsion System for Airflow’s Proof-of-Concept Aircraft

Pipistrel to provide motors, motor controllers, and batteries for Airflow’s unique Distributed Electric Propulsion approach

New Zealand strait crossed for first time by electric plane

Pipistrel aircraft promoter from New Zealand, Mr. Gary Freedman, became the first pilot to fly over the New Zealand’s Cook Strait in an electric plane.

MAHEPA Panthera sets the final milestone on the road to greener aviation

The hybrid-electric variant of the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft has successfully completed the first phase of the flight test campaign.

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