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Pipistrel E-811 electric engine mounted on a Pipistrel Velis Electro without propeller and spinner.

World's first type certified electric engine - now available to you

Pipistrel, as the world's first producer of the TC electric aircraft engines is now offering its propulsion systems to aircraft designers and manufacturers globally.
Velis Electro in Flight

Pipistrel obtains first ever Type Certificate in the world for an electric aeroplane from EASA

The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world's first fully electric aeroplane ever to receive type certification. Its EASA certification paves the way for the future of environmentally sustainable, emission-free aviation.
Surveyor In the Air-5

Pipistrel’s Surveyor deployed also with U.S. Special Forces

After a time of secret activities, SOCOM has confirmed to Aviation Week that Pipistrel’s specially prepared airframes are being used with “sensors to collect full-motion video and signals intelligence“ on missions flown up to 30 hours and 30.000 ft.
MAHEPA Power Train

Major Milestone Announcement: MAHEPA Electric Drive Unit completed pre-flight qualification tests

Pipistrel is proud to announce that the MAHEPA Electric Drive unit, developed by Compact Dynamics with the support of Pipistrel Vertical Solutions, has completed all the qualification tests and is ready to be integrated in the Panthera and Hy4 aircraft. First flight of MAHEPA novel hybrid-electric aircraft is now one step closer to reality.

Pipistrel’s contribution to public health of municipality of Ajdovščina

Pipistrel is happy to announce the delivery of protective medical material from China to Slovenia as a free donation to the municipality of Ajdovščina.

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