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Pipistrel announces enhancing of sales, service & support presence in several countries

After 31 years of growth and success, Pipistrel will be revamping the customers' support and elevating its level of service in several countries.

Pipistrel is Aviation Week Laureate Award Winner 2021

Pipistrel received an award by the Aviation Week & Space Technology, the aviation magazine with the longest tradition in the world.

Beam Global sets world record for longest flight in a production electric aircraft, powered only by sunshine

Pilot Joseph Oldham with New Vision Aviation captains the zero-emissions flight charged exclusively by transportable off-grid EV ARC™ systems

Uruguayan Air Force visited Pipistrel in Uruguay

The Uruguayan National Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya) visited Pipistrel team in their hangars at Carrasco airport, Montevideo.
Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna with Virus SW

The Military University of Technology in Warsaw received a new Pipistrel Virus SW, which will be used for university research

The new Virus SW was handed over to the officials of Military University of Technology in Warsaw, at the airport in Milewo.

Slovenska Vojska bo testirala Pipistrelova letala - obisk Ministra za obrambo

Minister za obrambo Matej Tonin je v torek, 29. junija 2021, obiskal podjetje Pipistrel.

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