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WATTsUP, the new 2-seat electric trainer

Marking its 25th anniversary, Pipistrel is unveiling the proof-of-concept WATTsUP 2-seat electric trainer. WATTsUP was developed in partnership with Siemens AG, who provided the electric main propulsion components, and represents the next generation of Pipistrel's electric aircraft.

Pipistrel has wings, so we can lend our legs!

People usually don't think much about our feet – we use them for walking almost subconsciously while everything goes well. We only think of them when they hurt, when something is wrong with them – or when we lose them. Pipistrel is a world leading producer of light aircraft. Our products have wings and move through the air so feet are pretty much the last thing on our minds. But a few days ago we were surprised by the visit of Mr. Matej Vidmar, which set our feet firmly to the ground – quite literally.

Aircraft no. 700

Pipistrel is proud to announce the completion of the aircraft no.700 from the Sinus/Virus family!

The new factory building in Italy is starting to grow!

They say aircraft wings are so smooth and elegant they remind you of poetry. Well, the aircraft factory hall isn't that far away from it, either!

Four paws get wings on their way to freedom

Four paws get wings on their way to freedom...or how Pipistrel aircraft can be used to save the lives of man's best friends! Mr. Greg Lawrence from Sarasota, Florida has been flying for more than 50 years. He graduated from high school with a Private Pilot license in his pocket, born, raised, and learned to fly in Dayton, Ohio. Orville Wright himself was his Great-Great-Grand-Instructor.


Obveščam vas da podjetje Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina kot pooblaščeni zastopnik in Rotax servisni center organizira Rotaxovo tehnično usposabljanje, ki bo potekalo v marcu.

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