The year is around and the new AERO Expo in Friedrichshafen has arrived. So what is happening there?
Something new and interesting every day!

Saturday, 21. April 
Yesterday we said that this year’s AERO is one of the busiest. Well, we had no idea compared to what is hapening today! We have never seen so many potential customers in one place, all interested in our aircraft! The Pipistrel team representatives are so busy they couldn’t even snap a photo to prove it…


Friday, 20. April – afternoon

This year’s AERO is one of the busiest yet! We are happy to see how many people are interested in Pipistrel aircraft.

Luckily we have a really good team of distributors, promoters and Pipistrel employees who take time to answer the questions of all the visitors.


Friday, 20. April – morning

The AERO Expo prepares a rich program of conferences and lectures every year. We are proud to have 2 Pipistrel representatives in this year’s program: Michael Coates and Marc B. Corpataux were talking about Pipistrel’s approach to global E-flight training.


Thursday, 19. April 2018 – Afternoon

An impressive occasion happened today which was a precious acknowledgment of the efforts of Pipistrel team.
Mr. Trevor Woods, Certification Director of EASA, honoured the members of our team with an award in appreciation of Pipistrel’s contribution to a trustful partnership with EASA!


Thursday, 19. April 2018

The weather is nice today so make sure to visit also the outside part of Pipistrel program, displayed at the Static Display area: Panthera and Alpha Electro are waiting for you on the location SD – 38.


Wednesday, 18. April 2018

During the last couple of days our team – Pipistrel employees and our distributors, promoters and supporters from all over the world – were working hard. The expo booth is prepared, the airplanes are in their places and shining! Everything is waiting for you to come and have a look!