Do you remember a post about a flying flower in paradise at the end of the world? Well, here is another news from the warm little land in the middle of the ocean to brighten your day.
Hotel Hibiscus, a very active and efficient New Caledonian flight school, wrote a message to us in the beginning of February: “Soon at 4000 flight hours and still like new!”

Flight School “Hibiscus” in New Caledonia got their first Alpha Trainer in July 2014. Immediately they started to offer flight training and sight-seeing flights. The weather and the landscape in New Caledonia are so incredible that it is possible to fly intensely all year round. The Alpha reached 2100 flight hours in just 2 years. We were very happy that during the engine overhaul, the aircraft turned up to be in an excellent condition, despite warm and moist air, salty atmosphere and course flight training lessons with many rough landings.

By now Hibiscus operates 2 Virus SW planes and an Alpha Trainer (which has just passed the 4000 hours mark). In 2017 they upgraded their aircraft with an instrument panel upgrade (installing a Skyview) and continued to fly approx. 1000 flight hours per year in the flight school. We got a statement, saying they are “…totally satisfied with the aircraft,” to the point that their fleet will be expanded by another Alpha Trainer in just about 2 weeks time!

Dreaming of a fairy tale holiday? Visit Hotel Hibiscus in the New Caledonia paradise!
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