Matevž Lenarčič won the Aviator of the year award!

Matevž Lenarčič, the pilot who flew around the world twice and crossed the North pole in a Pipistrel SW, won the voting for the “Aviator of the year” award.

You can read more about this prestigious award here:

This achievement is even bigger if we consider his competition: Felix Baumgartner; the helicopter crew that saved all 14 passengers on an emergency landing in the North sea; and the NATS Olympics Team, who took care for air traffic during the Olympic games in London.

The awards ceremony was held today in Paris, at the Le Bourget airshow, the biggest airshow in France.
Igor Perkon, the Pipistrel Global Sales Manager, congratulated Matevž at Le Bourget in the name of Pipistrel.

Matevž Lenarčič received this award for his amazing achievement: in 2012 he accomplished a flight around the world with a Pipistrel Virus SW 100 light aircraft – the aircraft with a range of 4500 km and ceiling of 10.000m enabled Matevž to cross the Pacific, fly over the top of Mt. Everest, cross the equator 6 times, cross all the continents and even land in the Antarctica.
We are proud that we played a part in helping Matevž to receive this prestigious award.

Pipistrel Team would like to congratulate Matevž for yet another great achievement!
Matevž prooved that he and Pipistrel make a great tandem that has no obstacles in aviation and sets the limits ever further and higher!