Matevž Lenačič did it – successful around-the-world flight in a Pipistrel aircraft!

We are very proud to announce that the extreme pilot Matevž Lenarčič successfully circumnavigated the World with the Pipistrel aircraft Virus SW 914 Turbo – in the most demanding possible way!

Matevž arrived in Slovenia yesterday (19. 4.) at 16.00 local time and landed at the Jože Pučnik airport in Brnik, near Ljubljana – the same airport where he also began his flight. The initial plan was to welcome Matevž as a guest of honour at the largest European aviation expo, the Aero Expo 2012 at Friedrichshafen, Germany. But because of bad weather and icing conditions the crossing of the Alps was unfortunately not possible. As the weather forecast for Slovenia was equally bad for the following 5 days, which could have prevented Matevž from returning safely, he decided to head straight home without waiting. 

We at Pipistrel support this decision, because safety must come first. The fortune favoured us for the entire duration of the flight around the world and it would be unwise to push the luck on the very last leg of the way. We are convinced that Matevž made the right decision and thus successfully concluded the most extreme around-the-world flight ever accomplished by such a small aircraft. 
Matevž Lenarčič proved that the Pipistrel Virus SW 914 Turbo aircraft is capable of crossing both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans (and the Indian Ocean as well), capable of extreme heights required to fly over Mt. Everest and capable of withstanding drastically low temperatures of the Antarctic and high temperatures and humidity when crossing the equator.

Well done, Matevž, everyone at Pipistrel is extremely proud at your achievement!
Thank you and congratulations!

Ivo Boscarol (Pipistrel general manager) and the Pipistrel team.

Here are some photos from the event (courtesy of BoBo photo agency):