The year 2019 is the year of celebration for Pipistrel – for our 30th anniversary we will present something new at least once per month.

In the first month of our 30-years anniversary, Pipistrel presents our NEW VISUAL CORPORATE IDENTITY.
Since our technology is so far ahead of its time, it’s only reasonable that our VCI is modernised, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pipistrel’s new look:

Yes, the bat is here, sharper and better!

If our aircraft are known to be quiet, the bat will talk. For the anniversary celebration we are adding a slogan. Since its beginnings Pipistrel has been bringing new ideas and innovation into aviation technology. Nothing sums up our mission better than:


Our designers combined the new logo and the celebratory slogan into an exciting, cockpit-inspired emblem, which will accompany the entire year of activities and also be proudly presented on every aircraft we deliver to our valued customers in 2019:

Do you like the new logotype so much that you MUST have it?

No problem!
We prepared for you a great way to enjoy your morning coffee:

Order your Pipistrel limited edition exclusive cup HERE for only 10 EUR per piece.

This is our second little surprise for January (the first one was the new aircraft model – the Adventurer), but more will come – at least one every month, because we will celebrate our anniversary with many interesting new additions and activities for our fans and customers.
So keep an eye on our website and help us celebrate our 30 Years of Revolutionizing Aviation!