It is to our greatest honour to announce that the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy included Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel General Manager, to the select group of recipients of the “Living Legends of Aviation” awards.

The Living Legends of Aviation was founded 16 years ago and based in Los Angeles, California. There are only 97 recipients of the award so far, who all made significant contributions to many areas of aviation. The list includes innovators, record breakers, astronauts, aviation entrepreneurs, industry leaders and celebrity pilots. Recipients are renowned individuals such as Barron Hilton, Bob Hoover, Clay Lacey, Joe Clark, Kermit Weeks, Tom Enders, Raymond Conner, Neil Armstrong, Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk and others.

This is the first year that it was held also in Europe. Ivo was honoured with the invitation to the Inaugural Event. The occasion had the support of select names, such as Tom Enders, the president of Airbus; Raymond Conner, the president of Boeing;  Felix Baumgartner, the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power during his base jump from the stratosphere; and others who have now become the nucleus of the Living Legends of Aviation Europe.

Ivo Boscarol received the award for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” for his achievements in the development in the field of aviation. Unfortunately he was unable to participate at the award ceremony at the Scalaria resort at St. Wolfgang on July 26, so  Mr. Oscar Starinsky accepted the award on Mr. Boscarol’s behalf.

Mr. Starinsky also delivered Ivo’s speech, which was really well received by the present public, so we are giving the transcription of it below:

“Dear members of the organizing committee and dear esteemed guests.
Unfortunately because of unplanned family issues I cannot come to this gala event in person, so I asked my business partner Mr.Oscar Starinsky to say some words in my name.

I dedicated almost all my life to the fight against climate changes, caused by the first four industrial revolutions. We are living in very critical period when a no-return point can happen and the overheating of the planet will not be possible to stop anymore. If all of us do not change our way of living, the human civilisation will not need the fifth or sixth industrial revolution anymore.
Irrational consumerism we are facing, where one average member of the western civilization buys already 70% of goods which he doesn’t need, leads towards the end of our civilisation.

Every single person can help. Each one of us can and must contribute to stop this destructive process . A mission was given to each of us and we must follow it. My mission – with the knowledge I have – is to contribute to the cleaner atmosphere. I am sure everybody has seen a picture of the earth from the space. It is a nice globe with a very thin blue belt around it. This is our atmosphere, the main condition for our life. 

People can live several weeks without food, several days without water, but only a few minutes without the air. We must make the atmosphere cleaner, cooler and safer again. When I started installing electric propulsion in aviation more than 20 years ago, nobody believed that electric-powered aircraft could become real. When I started with the serial production 11 years ago, it was nowhere legal. But the trend was set, and nowadays nobody can stop it anymore. You might have heard for our UBER Elevate electric flying vehicle – with it we will give back clean and cooler air, less emissions and noise to the citizens of mega-cities, and most importantly, more time to spend with the families instead of in traffic jams. We are planning to develop a 19-seater hydrogen fuel cells commuter plane which will offer better public transport without damaging the air. I am very happy to see that every day this idea has more followers, because it is the proof that the clean electric propulsion will become a standard.

Each of you have a mission also. Think about it and start changing the daily habits to help the planet.

I wish you to enjoy the evening and thanks for the award. It is a prove that my vision was right.”

Ivo Boscarol