On Monday, 12. February 2018, Pipistrel’s Italian factory was honoured by the visit of the Italian Minister of Labor, Mr. Giuliano Poletti. He stopped in Gorizia on his way to Slovenian-Italian Business Forum in Ljubljana.

Minister arrived to Pipistrel

Minister Poletti, the honorary guest of the Business Forum, highlighted the importance of cooperation with Pipistrel for Italy, where the unemployment rate is higher than in Slovenia. Two hundred new jobs are not negligible, Poletti said. Pipistrel will soon start to build the second part of the Gorizia factory with additional 4000 square meters of production areas.

At the end of last year, Pipistrel Italia employed 12 workers, “Today there are already 20 workers in our factory, at the end of this year there will be 50, and by the end of 2021 we will employ 200 workers, ” said Ivo Boscarol. Pipistrel’s factory at Gorizia airport is the largest Slovenian investment in Italy so far. It has been in operation for less than half a year and it already generated 2.2 million eur in revenue and 300,000 eur in profits. For the year 2018 the director of Pipistrel group, Mr. Ivo Boscarol is forecasting a revenue of EUR 4.1 million and a profit of half a million euros.

Ivo Boscarol presented Pipistrel, our facilities and business in Italy

All models of Pipistrel aircraft, which begin the assembly process in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, go through the finishing phase at the Italian airport, because there can be up to 30% percent more days with good weather as in Ajdovščina.
“Here we have the final assembly of the aircraft due to the increased possibilities for factory flights, because the weather conditions are significantly better here than in Ajdovščina. In Gorizia we also have the complete dispatch of aircraft,” said Peter Boscarol, the director of Pipistrel Italia.

Our guests next to Pipistrel’s 4-seat Panthera

Left to right:
The Italian ambassador in Slovenia, Mr. Paolo Trichilo.
Dr. Massimo Pettarin, financial councilor of Gorizia Municipality
The Mayor of Gorizia, Mr. Rodolfo Ziberna,
Ivo Boscarol, General Manager of Pipistrel group
Italian Minister of Labor, Mr. Giuliano Poletti
Peter Boscarol, the Director of Pipistrel Italia company
The Mayor of Savogna d’Isonzo Municipality, Mrs. Alenka Florenin

The following day,  on 13. February 2018, Ivo Boscarol was a guest of the Italian Business Forum in Ljubljana and gave a speech.