October 2017
The production is going on well in Italy!


A special event happened in June: The Pipistrel factory in Italy came alive with the first customer pick-up of a finished aircraft.

Pipistrel’s dealer for the Benelux – Mr. Job Snel from iFly Benelux came to the Gorizia factory to the pick-up their newest Virus SW 121. He from flew the aircraft back to Belgium non-stop in just 4 1/2 hours. An Italian bottle of water and an apple sufficed as on board beverage and snack!

PH-VLX was the first customer aircraft pick-up from the new Gorizia factory.

Mr. Job Snel said:
“After a short acceptance flight with Robert on our  VirusSW 121 PH-VLX I flew back to Belgium non-stop, from Gorizia LIPG to Grimbergen EBGB (Brussels). The total time was 4.7 hours, with 4 hours 30 minutes flight time (wheels up – wheels down) and 516 NM distance, including some diversions around clouds at 12,500 feet in the Austrian Alps. All was very manageable with Garmin 3X and the autopilot. It all works like a charm. Great ATC cooperation en-route as well to climb in the Alps and to cross Frankfurt Hahn and Liege TMAs overhead (shortest route).”

Route of flight: LIPG – LOWZ (Zell Am Zee) – LOIJ (St Johan in Tirol) – EDFH (Frankurt-Hahn) – EBLG (Liege) – EBGB (Grimbergen). 

“The airport commander at Grimbergen was surprised to get my radio call at 20:05 just 5 minutes late (due to diversion in Austria). I had called him just before my departure from Gorizia and told him to expect my radio call at 20:00. Needless to say he was really impressed by my timely flying! I got the same reaction from a number of other pilots at the 2 aeroclubs who came out to admire the new Virus SW 121.”