Pipistrel has been cooperating with French partners for many years and Finesse Max, our French distributor, is one of our best and most loyal business partners. They were awarded the “Gold Distributor 2015” which is a testimony of their excellence. So it is our pleasure to congratulate Mr. Christian Stuck and his entire team for the 20th anniversary!

The Director of Pipistrel’s Research & Development institute, Tine Tomažič phd., visited the celebration on Saturday, 16.9.2017 in Haguenau, France.

The day began with a Fly-In of FinesseMax customers, partners and friends with their aircraft and a social event.  Demo flights were organised for potential new customers and people interested in flying characteristics of specific airplanes. During all this, free flying was going on throughout the day.

The real program, however, began at 18:00, when the Airshow began. The Pipistrel Virus SW 121, Aerospool Dynamic WT-9 Formation, WT-10 Demo and Extra 300 LT displayed their capabilities and astonished the spectators with their speed, precise handling and amazing display of performance.

Pipistrel’s BeNeLux distributors were also among the visitors! Mr. Job Snel and Mr.JaapJan Ferweda flew-in with their shiny SW 121.

But as they say, the best was saved for last! In the evening the real party began. The Finesse Max team organized a great celebration with a band playing live music.

The head of the team, Mr. Christian Stuck, introduced all his colleagues and all the foreign companies that Finesse Max represents in France. In his beautiful speech he thanked all their customers, business partners and his entire team for the long-time fruitful cooperation.

The celebration went on into the late night hours and everybody had a great time.
We would like to thank Mr. Stuck and the FinesseMax team for this great experience and wish them many more anniversaries in the future!