The Dutch magazine “Piloot en Vliegtuig” posted several articles about Pipistrel – they even wrapped up our celebration of 25th anniversary by posting it on the cover page!

The November/December issue of German “Fliegermagazin” features a really nice long article about the WATTsUP by Mr.Jean-Marie Urlacher


Also the November issue of “Info-Pilote” magazine features a fantastic 10-page article about the Pipistrel WATTsUP by Mr. Jean-Marie Urlacher.

Pipistrel would like to thank Mr. Urlacher for this very interesting and descriptive article which introduces the electric WATTsUP into minute details.
This is the very FIRST article about WATTsUP in any world aviation magazine to present this aircraft so thoroughly! We are honored that Mr. Urlacher decided to dedicate so much attention to electric flight, since we are all convinced this is the future of aviation.
All the readers are warmly invited to buy the Info-Pilote magazine to see also the splendid quality of photographs – and of course to enjoy many other articles!