For the first time in history it happened that not only one, but two country presidents visited Pipistrel!
The President of Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor, brought his guest, the President of Germany, Mr. Joachim Gauck with him to Pipistrel.

The General Manager of Pipistrel, Mr. Ivo Boscarol, welcomed the president Gauck and the president Pahor at the entrance of the Pipistrel factory

Many important guests accompanied the two presidents, among others:
Mr, David Gill, the Secretary of State and head of the Bundespräsidialamt, the Office of the Federal President
Mr. Stephan Steinlein, State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office
Mrs. Marie-Luise Dött, member of parliament and president of Slovene-German Friendship group
Mrs. Stephanie Spinner-Konig, deputy Head of German Chamber of Commerce,
dr. Christian Thomsen, president of the Technische Universität Berlin
dr. Anna Elisabeth Prinz, German ambassador in Slovenia

Mrs. Marta Kos Marko, the Slovene Ambassador to Germany
dr. Heinz Peter Behr, German ambassador, chamber of the President of Republic of Germany
…and others.

The Pipistrel team is very proud that the German and the Slovene presidents decided to honor our production facility with their visit, especially since Pipistrel just celebrated the 25th anniversary. The visit was a clear message to not just Pipistrel, but the whole of Slovenia, that the size is not important for success – with the correct vision and diligent work, with respectful attitude towards the employees and protecting the environment one can become successful on global scale.
Pipistrel has proven that when it comes to innovation and high technology, a small company can be equivalent to technology giants. One of them, the German Siemens, chose Pipistrel as their key partner to enter the aviation market and develop electric propulsion for aircraft.

Dr. Tine Tomažič presented the history of the company to the esteemed guests. He introduced the entire process of production of aircraft from development and design to the take-off. He introduced the worlds’ first fully electric two-seat training aircraft, the WATTsUP, which was developed in co-operation with Siemens. Pipistrel employees presented their tasks to the guests.

The director of the company, Ivo Boscarol, introduced to the guests the philosophy of successful business strategy of the last 25 years and the company’s vision for the future. He presented the information about the trade in the German market which has been one of the most important ones for Pipistrel since the very beginning of the company’s existence.

The presidents and their crew were interested in the Pipistrel products and facility. They took a close look at different Pipistrel products: the motorplanes, the Taurus glider and the 4-seat Panthera.

The visit was concluded with a photo session of the esteemed guest and Pipistrel hosts: Pipistrel would like to thank all the guests for their visit.