Do you know where New Caledonia is?

If you don’t, you should. It’s a little wild paradise at the end of the world with many beautiful and unique species of birds and plants.

Did you know it has the richest species diversity in the world per square kilometre?

The New Caledonian crow is one of the most intelligent birds in the world, famed not only for its remarkable tool-using skills, but also for crafting new tools to solve problems.

You are correct, the whole country looks amazing. Who wouldn’t like to visit and see it? A place like that needs to be seen from the air!

New Caledonia is special for another reason:
not only birds, but also flowers (namely hibiscus) can fly there. You don’t believe us?

Here it is!

The Flight School HIBISCUS in New Caledonia got their first Alpha Trainer in July 2014. Straightaway they started offering flight training as well as sight-seeing flights. The weather and the landscape in New Caledonia are so incredible that it is possible to fly intensely all year round. HIBISCUS reached 2100 flight hours in just 2 years! During the overhaul and the exchange of the engine they sent us a short comment … and beautiful photos of the New Caledonian Eden from the air.

New Caledonia may look like an ideal place for flying if you’re the pilot or the passenger… but it is a very difficult and demanding environment for the aircraft itself. The plane is constantly exposed to the influence of extreme humidity at high temperatures and the salt-water air, which corrode materials much faster than the inland conditions.

But Pipistrel’s promoter Mr. Jean-Marc Arricaü in cooperation with French distributor Mr. Christian Stuck proved that Pipistrel aircraft are the right choice, since they are very durable even in such tough conditions. They are built from the best materials and carefully designed in order to minimize the influences of extreme meteorological conditions.The most demanding use of the aircraft is undoubtedly training when the aircraft endures non-professional treatment and countless rough landings that take a toll on the undercarriage and the structure of the fuselage. This is where the value of a well-built aircraft really comes through. And this is why we are so proud to present the result of the 2100 flight hours that Flight School HIBISCUS performed in just 2 years!

Jean Yves Naudet from Hibiscus flight school wrote:
“We flew the first 2100 hours without any trouble. We fly about 70% over the water (lagoon) and the aircraft is stored near the sea. We are considering using the Beringer brakes, even if it is an investment at the beginning, the fact that they are more robust and safer is a big advantage. We have decided to operate our flight school with 1 Alpha Trainer and 2 Virus SW!”

Feel free to visit us :

Impressive, right? And if you still happen to have doubts, these videos will convince you that New Caledonia really is a paradise that needs to be seen from the air!

Since weather and conditions are so good for flying, it is very easy to get a license in a short time – 
so DO NOT miss this OFFER: 

Flight school HIBISCUS offers a great deal to PPL pilots and trainees who want a Microlight license: If you come to New Caledonia, spent at least a week there to get a license with HIBISCUS flight school and as a result buy a Pipistrel aircraft, we will reimburse your costs of traveling to New Caledonia (plane tickets). 

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to fly in such a beautiful environment with a great aircraft, contact:

Flight School HIBISCUS
Hôtel Hibiscus – Kone
1153 Avenue du Lapita,
Kone, Grande Terre 98860


Pipistrel’s promoter for New Caledonia: 
Nouvelle Calédonie

Telephone: (687) 93 14 00