We entered into the New year 2019, flying high – but this year is especially important for Pipistrel. In 1989 Pipistrel was established as a small private aircraft company and has achieved many firsts during our 30 years of operation. Throughout the 2019 we will celebrate our success with a series of special announcements and events. We invite you to celebrate with us our 30 Years of Revolutionizing Aviation!

Pipistrel founder, co-owner and president of the Pipistrel group, Mr. Ivo Boscarol, says: 

“On this occasion I would like to thank all of our nearly 2000 airplane buyers who believed in us all these years; our suppliers and business partners who understood our sometimes unusual needs; the media who believed in our inventiveness and presented it to the world; to our representatives who take credit for the fact that Pipistrel is today present in almost 100 countries all around the world; to aviation authorities who understood and accepted the trends that we have started; and the last but definitely not the least – to every single one of our employees, from the first to the last, past and present, who have been with me in all the good and the bad moments for 30 years – and are still the ones responsible for all the successes of Pipistrel.
Thank you!”

The entire 2019 will be our year of celebration. Yes, EVERY single month we will present at least one new program, a new addition to our product line or a new activity we will invite you to participate in.

So, shall we begin?

In the next couple of days we will present the first in our series of announcements. Do not forget to check our website regularly for exciting news!