The first two certified SW-121 aircraft were successfully delivered to Uruguay

Uruguay is not a common country when it comes to aircraft legislation – microlights are not allowed there at all. That’s why Pipistrel’s general distributor for Uruguay, Mr. Andres Martin Valdez, set himself a high and difficult goal to make the validation of the EASA Type-certificate for SW 121 possible. Mr. Valdez approached the Uruguayan National Directorate of Civil Aviation (DINACIA – and motivated them to begin the great challenge and hard work to validate the EASA Type-Certificate. Uruguay is not an EASA member country, so even more effort was required.

For this purpose a delegation from DINACIA Uruguay visited Pipistrel in August 2016:
Mr Miguel Etchevarren, engineer and leader of the type certificate acceptance process; Mr Juan Lovrich from airworthiness department; Mr Claudio Maltese, operations and pilot examiner; and Mr Dann Wilson, director of Sofitech, the service facility that will maintain the aircraft in Uruguay. The team examined the Pipistrel aircraft, inspected the production system, the facility and checked the options for cooperation between DINACIA and the Slovenian CAA.

The DINACIA delegation inspects the aircraft

The DINACIA delegation and Pipistrel team at a meeting

The test pilot Mr. Maltese tested the aircraft in the air and he was impressed and enthusiastic about it.

The delegation cooperated very well with the Pipistrel team of certification experts, who have a lot of experience with similar audits. The visitors praised the entire certification team, the factory, production process and the products.
On this occasion Pipistrel handed the keys of the first microlight to be sent to Uruguay to Mr. Andres Martin Valdez, the General distributor for Pipistrel in Uruguay.

The handing-over of the keys

After the ceremony, the first two aircraft were loaded into a ship container to be sent to Uruguay, their final destination.

The members of DINACIA, Pipistrel representatives from Uruguay and the Pipistrel validation team

At the end of October Pipistrel received the official validation:
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This way Uruguay officially became the first non-European country which validated Pipistrel’s certified aircraft.

…and meanwhile the two aircraft safely arrived to their final destination: Montevideo! Pipistrel’s CEO, Mr. Ivo Boscarol, says: “I would like to thank DINACIA for their professional work and very cooperative attitude. This was a great experience for us all and I hope our cooperation will remain equally successful in the future. I would also like to congratulate the Pipistrel team and everyone who was involved in the certification validation process and the audit. I would like to thank our distributor Mr. Andres Martin Valdez for all the time and effort he invested into the process and brought it to a successful end. I am honoured and proud of the result and I am sure that this can be a great example also for cooperation with other countries. To the new owners of Pipistrel aircraft we wish many safe and enjoyable flights!”