One of Pipistrel’s long-time business partners, Dynon Avionics, made a fantastic promo video for their cockpit products and we are proud to see that they included Pipistrel Panthera in it!

Dynon Avionics have been standard equipment on Pipistrel Microlight and LSA aircraft since 2009, chosen for their flexibility, reliability and suitability for different flying styles and environments. The SkyView suite is also used in Pipistrel’s Flight Test Department as an aid and data-acquisition sensory system to support different Flight Test Campaigns. In the most recent case, where spin-testing was performed with the Panthera, the SkyView proved itself as a very stable avionics plaftorm, also in most extreme circumstances. An artificial horizon is the most important instrument to the pilot, especially in cases of adverse attitudes and spacial disorientation. As it can be seen from the video, the SkyView manages to accurately indicate aircraft’s attitude throughout the spin! Not many artificial horizon systems, let alone avionics, can stand the extreme environment of spinning and stay accurate with the indication. We appreciate Dynon’s commitment to install state-of-the-art components in their affordable Avionics systems, often surpassing the performance of high-end certified solutions.
Ivo Boscarol, CEO says: “For Pipistrel, the safety of a product is paramount and with Dynon equipment installed the levels of safety of our products are enhanced. We are honored to be selected for the Dynon’s Global Promo Video and look forward to future common projects.”

Pipistrel had the honor to host Mr. John Torode, the iconic founder and president of Dynon Avionics inc. company, the legendary inventor and patent holder of many key improvements in avionics technology.
Here is a photo of Mr. Torode (right) together with Pipistrel general manager Mr. Ivo Boscarol in front of our flagship, the Panthera.