Friday, 21. June

Another day, another interesting visit! Mr. Mickael Brageot, Red Bull Air Race pilot is also interested in the Alpha Electro. He visited our stand with Laurene Chanoni from Ozelys agency, so our pilot Olivier showed the aircraft to him.

Thursday, 20. June

Again Alpha Electro is generating a lot of interest and we were honoured by some important visitors!

The happy pilots (left to right) Olivier Seyller, Jacques Carriquiriberry and Jerome Coornaert are posing next to the Alpha Electro after demonstrating it to Mr. Jean Luc Charron (the president of FFA), a guest from the Traffic Control Direction (DSNA) and Mr Bruno Mazurkewicz, Head of Airport Paris Le Bourget.


Olivier was the pilot who flew the air demonstrations of the electric aircraft yesterday and today, impressing the spectators with its quiet flight.

We were visited by General Philippe Lavigne, chef d’état major de l’armée de l’Air  (Head of French Air Force). He is sitting in the Alpha Electro, while our demo pilot Jerome Coornaert is explaining to him why the electric aircarft are so good and silent, so energy-efficient and so easy to fly.


The French Air Force delegation was curious about the new technology so the pilots and Jean Luc Charron were happy to provide all the information.


Who says aircraft can’t fall in love?!

We had an interesting meeting on the runway today – the Pipistrel Alpha Electro met a PAF Patrouille de France just before today’s demo flight… and the two aircraft obviously forgot that the Alpha had Olivier Seyller on board, because they kissed!

PAF-1 Paris-Le-Bourget
PAF-2 Paris-Le-Bourget

Wednesday, 19. June

We were delighted by the information that yesterday the TF1, French first TV channel, published a report about electric aviation and Alpha Electro. Their live news show is watched by 12 million people every night!

Paris Air show - TF1 TV

The recording can be seen here:
(the part about electric aviation starts at 27:00)

This is the TF1 journalists who visited our stand:

Paris Air show - TF1 TV

Tuesday, 18. June

We were honoured by the visit of Mr. Willi Tacke, influential aviation journalist and author of “Flying Pages”. Together with Mr. Jean-Luc Charron, the President of French Aeronautical Federation, they are both great promoters of sustainable aviation and e-flight, so they stood at Pipistrel expo area, talking about our Alpha Electro and discussing how to best support electric aviation also in the future.

Paris Le Bourget - Visitors

We are proud that we could find a Pipistrel aircraft bearing a logotype of Air France! We are happy of this partnership and we are looking forward to more cooperation in the future in the field of training new pilots on electric aircraft. Thank you Air France!

Paris Le Bourget - Alpha

Our aircraft is not only very quiet, but when compared to the other giants also very small! It’s so small that sometimes it’s hard to even see up in the air – but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s equally important, being every day in the official program of the largest European airshow Paris Le Bourget.

Paris Le Bourget - Flight

Monday, 17. June

All the anxious waiting finally paid off and the great Paris Air Show Le Bourget finally started! Pipistrel is honoured to be able to display our Alpha Electro at the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority) stand. This proves that size doesn’t really matter! We’re just as big as the big ones, right? 🙂

DGAC stand with Alpha Electro

Alpha Electro will be displayed in flight every afternoon live at the expo area to demonstrate its absolutely silent propulsion. The exact hour of demonstration can be seen every day at the SIAE website: (click the “more informations” arrow in the bottom right corner).

Today the assigned pilot is Mr. Jérome Coornaert:

Mr. Jérome Coornaert

We were honoured by some very important visitors, who came to have a look at our Alpha Electro. Among others, the President of French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC Mr. Patrick Gandil (left) and Mrs. Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport (center). The General Manager of Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol (right) was very happy that he could explain everything about Alpha Electro, our unique training aircraft with electric propulsion.

Gandil, Bulc and Boscarol
Paris Air Show - Mrs. Violeta Bulc with Mr. Ivo Boscarol
President of DGAC Mr. Patrick Gandil with Mrs. Violeta Bulc

Every afternoon there is a time slot reserved specifically for our Alpha Electro to fly over the expo area to impress the visitors with its sound – or better, its lack of sound. Alpha Electro is totally quiet, the only sound it makes is the whisper of propeller moving through the air. Electricity makes no noise!

It’s so quiet that even at full speed, people sometimes don’t even realize it is flying straight over their heads.

Alpha Electro overflying Paris Air show Le Bourget