Clémentine and Adrien are succesful on their way around the world in a Pipistrel

“Wings for Science” team unveils major unknown geoglyphs in the desert of Caral, Peru.

After a 6-month-flight across the deep waters of the Atlantic, above the icebergs of Greenland, through the Amazon forest and over the Andes, the young team of Wings for Science eventually landed in Peru.

Clémentine and Adrien are flying a small Pipistrel Microlight, dedicated to long range cruise and fitted with special equipement for scientific research. On their flight around the world they help scientific reseach and give a precious hand to local research projects. Flying above the archaeological remains of the Caral desert these days, Clementine and Adrien are performing some extreme HD photography in coordination with the research team of the Special Research Project of the Zona Archeologica Caral.

Their aerial help to the Zona Archeologica Caral is allready a fullscale success, because Clémentine and Adrien spotted three major geoglyphes, very close to what is believed to be the capital city of the first civilisation of Americas. This wouldn’t have been possible without the unique maneouvrability of their Pipistrel Airplane, which allowed them to enter into the narrow valleys aside the Sacred city.

The next morning, together with Dr Ruth Shady who is responsible for the Archaeological project at Caral, the team investigated the sites on the ground. The hypothesis can be made that these originate from the same period as the sacred city of Caral, that is to say some 4800 years before now. To Clémentine and Adrien’s point of view, the structure of the signs could be an indice of a structured scripted langage. Only a deep analysis will be able to tell if they were right or wrong… Maybe the signs could lead to the ancient cemetery, which has not been discovered yet…?

A Chavin shaman, Sergio, who was around to participate in the great ceremony of the 18th anniversary of Caral Project, came along with the little expedition, and made traditional prayers to sanctify the discovery.

In the days to come, Clémentine and Adrien will be heading south to Chile and then over the sea to Australia, for another seven months of flying for science around the world.
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