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Lazar Popović (Systems and Structures)

Slovenska Vojska bo testirala Pipistrelova letala – obisk Ministra za obrambo

Minister za obrambo Matej Tonin je v torek, 29. junija 2021, obiskal podjetje Pipistrel.

Australia’s only certified electric aircraft broke the world endurance record for electric planes

An Australian team Eyre to There Aviation made a great achievement: they have set a world endurance record for an electric aircraft, in a 7-day 18-stops flight around South Australia.

Pipistrel celebrates one year since type certification of the Velis Electro

One year after its introduction, the Velis Electro remains the only type-certified electrically powered aeroplane in the world. Beloved by pilots and operators for its simplicity and low operating costs, its small environmental footprint is redefining general aviation and acceptance of aerodromes by the surrounding communities.

Danish Armed Forces will fly two Velis Electro – world’s first Air Force to train pilots on zero-emission aircraft

Danish Ministry of Defense leased two Velis Electro aircraft to be used in the Airforce. So Denmark became the first country in the world to use electric airplanes in their Armed Forces.