We are honored to share with you the information which our USA customer and big promoter of electric aviation, Mr. Joseph Oldham shared on 30. October.

He reports successfully charging an Alpha Electro along with a Tesla and Zero motorcycle, all at the same time with a Beam solar-powered portable EV charger.  The unit was completely off-grid and provided the necessary 240 volt single-phase current to charge the Electro without issue.  The units are totally portable and can be set up in about 10 minutes to provide charging.  The demonstration, which happened today in Reedley, CA, will set the stage for deployment of these units at strategic airports in the San Joaquin Valley to allow for longer cross-country flights, from locations such as Fresno to Sacramento.

One of the goals with the demo was to show how the investment in charging infrastructure for electric ground-vehicles to support expansion of electric aircraft operations can be leveraged.  Multiple EV ARCs can be connected to support up to a 50 kW charger.