Surveyor is Pipistrel’s line of customised aircraft, customised for surveillance, special mission, OPV and UAV platform roles. The success of the Surveyor line rests on the shoulders of unbeatable qualities of Pipistrel’s advanced light aircraft:

  • They use inexpensive to operate and can use unleaded car fuel or Avgas
  • They can take off and land on grass or soft surfaces, not just concrete runways
  • They are very quiet, less than half the noise of a regular GA aircraft
  • In the air, they look like a common sport/recreational aircraft and they are not treated conspicuously
  • High-wing cantilever construction provides for ideal views of the ground beneath through enormous transparent doors
  • They can be flown without the doors fitted, making them ideal so for visual aerial survey and hand photography
  • They can be equipped with tundra wheels that allow take-off and landing from unprepared surfaces, no airport is needed
  • They are equipped with a ballistic parachute rescue system, which saves the whole aircraft along with the crew if ever needed
  • They can carry many different payloads, sensors and supervision systems
  • They can be easily dismantled in less than 15 minutes and stored in a dedicated trailer. With this a hangar is not needed and a normal car can tow the aircraft in the trailer, no special transporter is needed
  • And importantly, because of the specific design philosophy, they need much less energy than other comparable aircraft and consequentially provide extreme flight range even in the standard, basic configuration.

Pipistrel aircraft, despite having an engine, were originally designed as gliders; this means you could perform many tasks with the engine switched off, completely silent over the area of interest, without any IR trail and with a very low radar reflection. These advantages have made the Pipistrel Surveyor aircraft a leading choice all over the world by civil authorities, special agencies, surveillance services and military operations; or anywhere a specially designed, individually customized platform is needed. Pipistrel can normally develop new customised solutions in 3-6 months and we have the capacity to produce hundreds each year.

Required certificates: Pipistrel recreational aircraft normally fly in the LSA, UL/microlight class or in the experimental category. This is another big advantage, because in most countries the regulations do not require any certificates or special permissions for these categories. The Surveyor aircraft can fly with normal, general aviation call signs and divert unnecessary attention from your operations. In some countries, Surveyors can also be operated in the experimental category. For Military and special agencies using our aircraft as UAV or OPV we are able to provide airworthiness assurance assistance.

  • The Pipistrel Surveyor models can be used for all the following missions, and more!
  • Day and Night operations
  • Border Surveillance and Control
  • Locating poachers and unauthorised activity in National Parks and other wildlife areas
  • Homeland Security
  • Special Events Security
  • All kinds of Surveillance including communications interception
  • Moving target detection and tracking
  • Traffic Observation
  • Convoy protection
  • Power/Oil/Pipeline Monitoring
  • Fire/ Natural Disaster Management
  • Disaster Help – Civilian Support
  • Airborne Data Acquisition
  • Pollution Control
  • Crime prevention
  • Wildlife Management
  • Forest Protection and Management
  • Seaport monitoring
  • Maritime/Costal Patrol
  • SAR Operation and Victim discovery
  • All kind of aerial photography
  • Aerial cartography, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional
  • 3D terrain scanning, mining surveys, excavation quantity calculations etc
  • 3D terrain modelling for future development, buildings, roads, railways etc

For a fraction of the cost the Pipistrel Surveyor, including our OPV and UAV platforms can provide almost everything that the “big players” drones offer.

Pipistrel can also offer immediate global support through or distribution networks on all continents. Our service and support is better than any of our competitors because of our strong global base of recreational aircraft which have been sold globally for more than 30 years.


For detailed data please refer to Pilot Operating Handbook

Note: Pipistrel reserves the right to revise this data sheet whenever occasioned by product improvement, government/authority regulations or other good cause.



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