19. March 2015: 700th aircraft is completed!

Pipistrel is proud to announce the completion of the aircraft no.700 from the Sinus/Virus family!
The aircraft was produced in our facility in Italy, but before shipping it to USA, where its new owner is eagerly awaiting it, we brought it to Ajdovščina for a photo session.

This occasion was an opportunity for the entire Pipistrel team to take a photo next to the aircraft:

Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina and Pipistrel LSA Srl Italia produced (together with other aircraft models and powered hang-gliders) well over 1300 different aircraft by now which are flying in over 80 countries.
Pipistrel would like to thank all our customers, distributors and promoters, supporters and business associates. Without you this success would not be possible!