The largest Expo and airshow in Germany and one of the largest in Europe – AERO Expo in Friedrichshafen – is scheduled from 18 to 22 April 2018.

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Pipistrel is present in 3 different locations this year:

1.) The main location is the same as last year in the Hall B3 at the stand 201:

The following models will be on display:

1. Virus SW121, the most advanced CS-LSA. It received a full EASA Type-Certificate for Night VF, Intentional Spins and Glider Towing.
2. Alpha Trainer
3. Ultralight class Taurus 503, self-launching glider
4. Sinus ultralight motorglider

On the same location the X-ALPHA, the Pipistrel Academy Flight Simulator will be on display.
The X-ALPHA is not like other simulators – it uses Oculus VR goggles technology which follows the movements of pilot’s head, adjusting the perspective. Put on the goggles and immerse yourself in virtual reality with a high-fidelity and realistic model of both the ALPHA Trainer and ALPHA Electro. This revolutionary flight training device is a huge breakthrough in basic flight training.

The representatives of the HQ Slovenian Pipistrel company will be at your disposal the entire time throughout the expo. Pipistrel German distributor and representatives from at least 10 different countries will be able to offer service and promo material to you in many different languages. Will you join us?


2.) The second location is in the Hall A7. The world is turning green and Pipistrel’s Alpha Electro will demonstrate this at the stand 308.

Pipistrel has been writing the history of green aviation since the very beginning – we made the first electric 2-seat and electric 4-seat aircraft, first electric trainer and first hybrid aircraft in the world. One of them, the Alpha Electro trainer will be on display at the Alpinair booth. In 2017 the Swiss distributor Mr. Mark Corpataux introduced his concept of electric flight in Switzerland, which he will also present at the AERO.

Alpha Electro has been developed, in part, through WATTsUP project.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 683959.


3.) The Panthera will be parked outside at the Static Display area together with an Alpha Electro on the location SD – 38.

Team Pipistrel is expecting you…

…and you are warmly invited to attend!