What is Advanced UPRT? UPRT stands for airplane ‘Upset Prevention and Recovery Training’ and constitutes a combination of theoretical knowledge and flying training with the aim of providing flight crew with the required competencies to both prevent and to recover from situations in which an airplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for line operation or training (airplane upsets).

First ICAO took the initiative to introduce Advanced UPRT, and in December 2019 EASA made Advanced UPRT a requirement. Preventing loss-of-control saves lives and Advanced UPRT produces better pilots in recreational, as well as professional setting.

Pipistrel’s SW121 is fully approved for Advanced UPRT training, including fully developed intentional spins. Having the SW121 in your flight school environment you can cover ab-initio training, advanced training and all aspects of UPRT courses with one single airplane. What is more, the SW121 needs not be specially prepared for Advanced UPRT training, so your instructors can fly an UPRT lesson right in the middle of ab-initio or navigational sorties, thus maximizing asset utilization and removing the need for utilizing an Extra 300 or a C152 Aerobat that have much higher operating costs.

See how normal spin with SW121 look like:
PIPISTREL VIRUS SW121, EASA-approved for intentional spins and UPRT training
PIPISTREL VIRUS SW121, EASA-approved for intentional spins and Advanced UPRT training

Many flight schools are already taking advantage of the single-airframe-to-CPL concept with the SW 121: “The Virus SW is designed for this task. Advanced UPRT, sure, but also much more. It cruises at 2 NM per minute, it climbs at 1000 fpm, it is best between 5000 and 7000 ft, is complex and full of automation. The aircraft is just made to train future commercial pilots”. – Saso Knez, Instructor and Class 1 Test Pilot

Specific Certificate granting privileges for UPRT Flight Instruction

Any Pipistrel SW 121 may be used for Advanced UPRT training, as this capability comes as part of the standard type certificate.
Learn more about the product here: https://www.pipistrel-aircraft.com/aircraft/cruising/virus-sw-121/

To learn why the SW 121 is the best for UPRT and how it can enable your flight schools to train better, safer pilots and elevate your level of service, please read the testimonial of Sašo Knez, Pipistrel Academy’s Chief Instructor:

Sašo Knez, chief instructor of Pipistrel Academy


Sašo Knez: Instructor’s testimonial ( .pdf file here)

Upon request, Pipistrel Academy is offering Advanced UPRT courses as a service as well. Send your inquiries to:



Until 30.June.2020, the Virus SW 121 demonstration flights for interested flight schools will include also a demonstration of UPRT, contact us to book your demo.


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