Today, on August 1st 2018, is the “Earth Overshoot Day“, previously known as the Day of Ecological Debt.
It is the day on which humanity’s resource consumption exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources each year. The amount of natural resources generated by Earth that year is simply not enough to compensate for humanity’s ecological footprint anymore. Each plastic cup, each meal of spoiled food you throw away, each ride in a car that lets our CO2 – all that will have negative consequences on our children.

This is scary.

Even more scary is the fact that this date happens sooner and sooner every year. Since 1970, our total carbon footprint has more than doubled. Humanity is increasing exponentially and it seems that we care about our poor planet Earth less and less. If we wanted to sustain the human population at our current rate of resource consumption, we would need 1,7 planets.

What does this mean? It means consequences such as warming of the planet, climate changes that cause more pronounced weather extremes (hurricanes, drought…) leading into hunger and natural catastrophes, loss of biodiversity (animal species going extinct), melting of glaciers and rising sea level – and ultimately, collapse of all ecosystems and the end of human civilization as we know it.

Do we really want that? No! So we have to DO something about it!

Pipistrel is already trying to, we try to stop one small pebble in the landslide of the pending ecologic catastrophe by building electric aircraft in energy self-sufficient buildings, but this is not enough. We need your help.
All we are asking of you is to think twice before you throw away last season’s clothes because they’re not “modern” anymore, say “no” to that straw when you order your drink, don’t leave the water running, turn off the light, re-use your plastic bag, take bicycle instead of car to get to work… Each one of us can contribute a little and if we all helped, I wouldn’t have to write this sad piece of news today.

You alone won’t save the planet. But together we can.
Will you help, please…?