Pipistrel’s UK distributors, Sergey Grachev and Deepak Mahajan, are proud to unveil Green Airside – a collaboration between the Pipistrel’s UK distributor – the Fly About Aviation company (based at Damyns Hall airfield near London and at Shipmeadow airfield in East Anglia) and V1 Investment Fund. This exciting project has been formed to supply 50 fully-electric Pipistrel Velis two-seater training aircraft to British flight schools.

The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the first and so far still the only fully certified electric aircraft, having attained the EASA certification in 2019 (with a following UK CAA certification in place).

The Green Airside project aims for as many as 50 Velis Electro aircraft to be made available for rent to flight training organisations throughout the UK. This will enable affordable, ready-to-fly solutions for the new generation of flight training around UK and further afield, boosting the Zero Emission training centers for the pilots of the future.

Sergey Grachev said: “The 50 Velis programme for British flying schools is now a reality! We have closed the deal with the investors and completed the order of the first ten aircraft this week. This is a massive and forward-thinkingl step from Pipistrel and its network of distributors to make a real change in saving the planet! We don’t just talk about it – we act now! ”

Velis on ground with charger

Green Airside’s 50-Velis-programme is aimed at an average flight school, for which the Velis Electro is a great opportunity to deliver most affordable training. It includes the aircraft, compatible electric charging solutions, VR flight simulators and on-line training courses specially designed by Pipistrel for the aircraft and its supporting infrastructure.

Interested? Contact rent@greenairside.co.uk for more details!

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