Pipistrel was honoured by a high visit of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Sweden, Mr. Andreas Norlén, and the Speaker of the National Assembly of Slovenia, mag. Dejan Židan with a delegation of other important guests.

Since the General Manger of Pipistrel Group, Mr. Ivo Boscarol was absent, the guest were welcomed by directors of individual Pipistrel companies and members of top management.

Tine Tomažič, the Director of R&D, gave a presentation of Pipistrel’s history, achievements and the philosophy of our environmentally friendly products.

Sweden as a country is known for its green way of thinking, so electric aviation was very interesting topic to our guests and they were listening to the presentation with interest.

Meanwhile we were also joined by Mr. Tadej Beočanin, the Mayor of the Municipality of Ajdovščina. After the presentation all the guests together were invited to the airfield.

The guests were presented Pipistrel’s fully electric aircraft Alpha Electro and test pilot Mr. Nejc Faganelj gave a demo flight with it, showing how completely silent and smooth its flight can be.

Speaker of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Sweden, Mr. Andreas Norlén was so impressed by how silent and simple the aircraft was that he wished to have a short flight with it – and of course we were more than happy to comply!

When Mr. Norlén landed, there was a wide smile on his face.

He waved to the present guests and was congratulated by Mr. Židan. Then he thanked the pilot for his great experience.

If we want to go far, we must go together.
Pipistrel has world-class technical expertise, however bringing innovative products to the market requires intricate involvement of the regulators and future users. If our guests see the value of quiet and clean flight, we are looking forward to cooperate with them again soon, and that they will be represented in both roles, as regulators and as flyers of Pipistrel aircraft on our way toward the goal of electrifying the aviation.