The Velis Electro is the world’s first – and so far only – type certified 100% electric electric aircraft.
In UK, the first – and so far only – flight school to operate a fully electric aircraft is SEMET Aviation. A company founded and directed by 3 airline pilots has a strong ambition to create an innovative, inclusive and affordable pilot training and development organisation, with a desire to lead the industry toward net-zero operation.

SEMET Aviation is based in Camberley, at Blackbushe Airport, which supports them on their mission.

Nick West, one of the directors, explained: “Blackbushe Airport is proud to be the home of SEMET Aviation, the first and only pilot training organisation in the United Kingdom to operate a fully electric aircraft, the Pipistrel Velis Electro and its sistership, the Rotax-powered version of the same airframe, the SW121, to complete the Green PPL syllabus. We are keen to support the U.K. Governments ‘Jet-Zero’ initiative of a net-zero aviation industry by 2050.”

SEMET Aviation is preparing the first release day (date to be confirmed), where the visitors will be able to get all the information about the company and the aircraft, interview the company staff and the airfield management and take photos with them and with the aircraft. They are also preparing a static aircraft walk-around, a running demonstration and weather permitting, also a demonstration flight. The day will be centred around their training facility building, with the aircraft being displayed on the apron underneath the airfield control tower.

SEMET Aviation’s official Full Press Release .

The SEMET’s Velis Electro is the first electric training aircraft in the UK, out of fleet of 15, to be leased to a flight school via the Green Airside project.

Green Airside ( is the leading project offering affordable, ready-to-fly solutions for the new generation of flight training to flying schools around the UK and the EU. This exciting project, a collaboration between the Pipistrel’s UK distributor – the Fly About Aviation company – and V1 Investment Fund, has been formed to supply 50 fully-electric Pipistrel Velis two-seater training aircraft to British flight schools (more info).

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A few more words about SEMET’s Green PPL


  • 45 hours flight training shared between the Electro and SW121
  • 9 ground theory exams
  • 9 hours of ground school
  • 4 hours in the Pipistrel VR Simulator
  • Pipistrel Electro eLearning Package

Want to try the Pipistrel Velis Electro first? SEMET is offering The Electric Flight Experience for £299, which includes a 30 minute briefing and aircraft tour, 30 minutes in the Pipistrel Virtual Reality simulator and a 30 to 40 minute flight in the Pipistrel Velis Electro aircraft.